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The Declutter Your Life Club

The Declutter Your Life Club

Do you ever wish life was a little...simpler?

If you’ve got an average home, you’re the proud owner of about 33,000 things.

In that giant pile are some things that you use and love, of course.

But there are also things that make you feel guilty, bring up bad memories, and stress you out. And sorting through all those ho-hum possessions to get to the good stuff costs you money, time, and energy.

And that’s just the physical clutter.

If you’re like most of us, you’ve got digital clutter, schedule clutter, mental clutter, and emotional clutter, too.

All of this...excess is taking space away from those things that you truly want in your life.

Let’s work together to tackle all of it.

Introducing the Declutter Your Life Club

It's a monthly membership designed to provide an easy-to-follow framework, friendly support, and judgement-free encouragement as you cut your life down to the essentials.

Here's what you'll get when you sign up today for the Declutter Your Life Club:

✔️An email every Sunday with a video message from me and a list of short, easy-to-complete tasks for you. As you work to simplify one simple, bite-sized chunk of your life at a time, these tasks will help you: 

  • Purge excess items from your home
  • Knock non-essential tasks off of your to-do list and calendar
  • Clear some of your mental load
  • Clean up many of the negative thoughts you have about yourself and your life

✔️A pep-talk email every Wednesday to get you back on track if you need it (hey--the week gets away from all of us!) or to celebrate your badassery if you don't.

✔️A once-a-month LIVE Zoom party with me when we'll complete a task together, celebrate our accomplishments, and answer any questions you may have. (If you can't attend live, you'll have the opportunity to submit questions, and you can always watch the replay from your Club Dashboard.)

✔️Foundational trainings, extra challenges, and other surprises 

Oh, and I want this membership to be a no-brainer for you, so the cost is a ridiculous $9/month. 

So why the heck should you listen to me?

I know exactly how to walk you through the process of decluttering your whole life. Why?

Because I’ve done it. 

A breast cancer diagnosis in 2014 at age 37 (while I was pregnant with my second kiddo, no less) lit a fire under me to reduce life down to its essentials.

While I underwent chemo, radiation, and surgeries, I was also learning to practice gratitude, meditate, use affirmations, and manage my time better.

Then, in 2019 our family of four decided to get rid of nearly everything in our 2,500-square-foot home to travel as a family.

I didn’t know where to start or how to let go, but through trial and error, I figured it out. In the process, I discovered decluttering was as much a mental game as a physical one--a mental game I'd started perfecting 5 years earlier.

Now I'm here to help YOU cut out all the non-essentials in YOUR life. (Without all the drama.)

Let's face it

Your physical, digital, mental, and emotional clutter is stressing you out, sapping your time and energy, and preventing you from thriving in your life. But I believe you were BORN TO THRIVE, friend.

Let's work TOGETHER to discover what is essential in YOUR LIFE and get rid of the rest.

Join the Declutter Your Life Club today, and start simplifying EVERYTHING for just $9.

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