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Hack Your Habits

Does life feel like a struggle? Like you’re a long way from where you’d like to be? You wish you had a cleaner home, a better exercise routine, and time to read that book that’s been sitting on your nightstand for the last two months.

Maybe your dreams are even bigger--starting a business, running a marathon, or writing a novel. You've got all you can handle, though, just trying to keep your head above water.

I’ve got great news for you. Tackling all of this stuff isn’t impossible for you and doesn’t require a nanny, tons of willpower, or boatloads of motivation. Our brains have evolved over millions of years to make doing the stuff we want to do all the time easy.

We just need to harness the power of our habits.

You're Already an Expert at Performing Habits

You’ve got hundreds, if not thousands, of habits in place. In fact, nearly half of your day runs on autopilot. The person you are right now is a product of all those little things that you do automatically throughout the day. With some tiny tweaks, you can make those automatic things that you do all of the time be things that you planned out in advance.

In this quick-to-digest mini-course, I’ll teach you exactly how habit formation works, and I’ll give you proven formulas that you can use whether you’re trying to make or break a new habit. Finally, you’ll learn how to stack these habits so that gradually, your life looks just like you’ve been dreaming it would.

So What's Inside?

  • First, you'll do some brainstorming to make sure you're in touch with your big vision for your life.
  • In the Habits Crash Course, you’ll learn some fascinating info about habits and how they’re formed.
  • In the Habit Formulas Section, you’ll get to work creating your own habits for success. I'll show you how to make habits or break them, and you'll get a detailed workbook to help walk you through it.


  • Because accountability is so helpful when establishing new habits, you'll have opportunities to check in and log your habits. You’ll also get 4 weeks of regular encouragement emails from me, reminding you of your commitment to your new habit and cheering you on as you build your new life.
  • And because habits are easier to establish when you have rewards to look forward to, you’ll get a surprise reward when you’ve completed the whole plan. It will be something fun to anticipate as you build your new life.

Who the Heck Am I?

Hi, I’m Anissa, and I am obsessed with lifestyle optimization. See, I want to have a clean home, a great body, and a thriving business, but I also want to have time and energy to walk in the sunshine, play Uno with my kiddos, and read mystery novels.

So I started reading up on habits. I read book after book and took course after course, and you know what? They pretty much all said the same thing. I distilled a formula down for myself that has made it easy for me to take amazing care of myself, keep my house clean and tidy, and cross one goal after another off of my bucket list.

And now, I’m giving you the shortcut. 

Stop struggling with a life that falls short of your expectations. Learn how to Hack Your Habits, and get the good life on autopilot.

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