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Private Coaching with Anissa

Are you ready to go beyond the life the average mom is living right now?

Yeah you are.

Because what is average and normal in our culture right now—especially for those of us that are mothers—frankly…sucks.   

  • We’re exhausted and depleted—spending our energy on everyone else and struggling to get by with the crumbs that are left.
  • We’re overwhelmed by all of our stuff, all of our commitments, and all of the “shoulds” we’ve taken on over the course of our lives.
  • We’ve lost ourselves as we strive to accommodate the needs of our children, spouses, family, and friends.
  • We’re continually frustrated, angry, and resentful, and we feel guilty for absolutely everything we do and don’t do.

And when we talk to our friends about it, they’ll nod and say, “me too.”

But you know there is more to life than this. And you’re right. You deserve better than the average life. Let’s work together to create an awesome one.


Is coaching right for you? 

Have you reached a point where life seems unsustainable? Where you feel stuck and desperate for a new way of living? Coaching might be just the thing to get you back on track.

See if you identify with any of the following statements:

  • You’ve tried every calendar, planner, and time-blocking technique, but you still don’t have any time for yourself.
  • Since you became a mom, you no longer recognize yourself. 
  • You’re sick of yelling at your kids and seething with resentment towards your partner.
  • You’re can’t remember a time when you didn’t feel exhausted and overwhelmed, but you also feel like you're not doing enough.
  • You feel guilty for that thing you said yesterday, guilty about that thing you didn’t do today, and guilty for not loving every minute of motherhood.

If any of these statements feels true for you, let’s talk.


Mama, I’ve been there, and I can tell you that motherhood doesn't have to be so hard. I know how it feels to wake up one morning and not recognize yourself. And I also know how amazing it feels to come out the other side—to show my kids what a vibrant, flourishing adult looks like—by being one.

I work with mamas like you who know that there is more to life than being a mom. Because even though mothering your children is an amazing contribution you are making to the world, you have more to experience and more gifts to give. 

I'm a homeschooling mom of two young boys. But I also run two businesses. And meditate and exercise pretty much every morning. And read at least 50 books a year. And have a dance party at least once a day. Does stuff fall through the cracks sometimes? OF COURSE! But I not only have systems to get myself back on track, I know how to talk to myself so that I don't beat myself up when life isn't perfect.

I want that for you, too.


Here's what's included in your package:

  • twelve 25-minute one-on-one calls via Zoom
  • your own private podcast feed, accessible in your favorite podcast player, which will include our Zoom call replays as well as personal affirmations/meditations/other audio resources I'll create just for you as needed
  • Other worksheets, personalized journal prompts, etc. as needed to supercharge your personal growth
  • a premium-level subscription to the Heroic app (a $199 value!)

What's this Heroic app?

I took 300 days last year to get certified as a Heroic coach (and I'm working on an advanced-level certification now) because I am all-in with their mission to get 51% of the world thriving by the year 2051. 

The app was designed to provide a fun and easy-to-use way to help you be more energized, productive, and connected in just 3 minutes a day--and early research shows it does what it says.

You can download the app for free. And you should. But the premium membership I'll provide (which normally costs $199/year) gives you access to 1000+ micro-lessons on every personal development topic under the sun, 600+ summaries of the best personal development books, 50+ one-hour 101 classes on topics like "Conquering Perfectionism", "Building Confidence", and "Having More Fun", and tons of practical tools. 

I'll help you set your targets in the app so that we can get YOU more energized, productive, and connected, and I'll personally direct you to the resources on the app that will most help you FLOURISH.

How much does coaching with me cost?

Your investment is $599, which you can pay all at once or in 3 monthly payments of $199.66.


What results can you expect from coaching?

In short, you can expect to close the gap between who you dream of being, and who you actually are right now.

  • Imagine starting your day with a clear picture of exactly what you wanted to do, and ending the day congratulating yourself for getting it done.
  • Think about how great it would feel to know exactly what you needed to do self-care-wise to feel your best, and then put a plan into action to make sure it actually happened!
  • Consider what it would mean to finally stop procrastinating on that dream of yours and instead to put it into action, step-by-step!
  • How amazing would it be to cultivate your mindset and self-talk such that even on the days when the baby hasn’t slept, the three-year-old colored on the couch, and the sink is full of dishes, you would still able to show up powerfully and act as your own best friend?
  • Why not make this the year you can answer honestly, "I'm terrific" when someone asks?


What’s it like to work with me?

I know your time is precious, so we'll meet face-to-face for just 25 minutes per week. On a typical call, we’ll check in to celebrate your wins, I’ll ask you a bunch of questions to find out where we go next, and I’ll suggest some specific action steps you can take before our next call. 

I will:

  • Help you make tiny tweaks to your daily routine so that you can recover your energy and zest
  • Listen to your struggles and guide you toward the solutions you need to overcome them
  • Give you concrete tools to make your path clear 
  • Provide accountability and structure to help you make consistent progress
  • Support and empower you to become the hero in your life and overcome challenges
  • Provide help as you create concrete action plans for your current and future responsibilities, goals, and dreams
  • Challenge you to see things from a new perspective
  • Assist you in rewriting old thoughts/beliefs/self-talk and brainstorming new ones
  • Encourage you to embrace your strengths and opportunities and be your biggest cheerleader, every step of the way

And if you'd like to make sure we're a "fit" before committing to three months with me, I offer (and encourage you to book) a discovery call to allow us to chat a bit before you sign up.


Why a 3-month minimum commitment?

I want to have time to dig into this work with you and help you make a real transformation. 12 sessions give us adequate time to do that.

Got questions I haven't answered here? Ready to apply?

If you have questions before applying, just send me an email: mama@mamagoesbeyond.com.

If all of this sounds intriguing, click the button below to apply for coaching. Oh, and don't worry about the application--it's a cinch. I’ll ask you a few questions to learn more about you and how I can help. I’ll also recommend that we schedule a quick discovery call to touch base and get acquainted. 

I'll be in touch within 48 hours of receiving your application. If I believe we're a good fit based on your answers, I'll give you next steps for signing up to work together. If we aren't a good fit, or I don’t have any openings at the moment, I’ll give you some guidance on what next steps I would recommend.) 

Please note that your application is 100% risk-free. You’re not committing to a spot by expressing your interest. (Although it is a powerful first step in making change in your life!)


Your time is limited. Rather than spending that precious time reading another self-help book or listening to another podcast, why not work one-on-one with an expert who will help you discover exactly where to go next? I've been right where you are, I've got the tools you need to thrive, and I will be your biggest cheerleader every step of the way.

Get ready to:

  • Stop settling for a life that makes you unhappy.
  • Quit procrastinating on the things that matter.
  • Have more energy and vitality.
  • Quit seething with frustration and resentment.
  • Discover who you truly are.

The world needs more happy moms. Let’s start with you. 

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