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The Overwhelmed Mama's Oxygen Mask

Does life as a mom feel…impossible right now? 

Let’s get you some peace. Grab your FREE Overwhelmed Mama’s Oxygen Mask and learn five simple 10-minutes-at-a-time habits to help you transform your mindset, tidy up your house, and organize your days.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • A guide to using affirmations and a few ones to start with. (You’re talking to yourself already—why not make it good?)
  • Instructions for doing a 10-Minute Pick-Up, the daily cleanup habit that will keep the worst of your mess under control
  • Ideas for a daily act of self-love: Pampering is not something that you earn by completing every task on your to-do list and save for the time when all your work is done. It’s a vital habit that when done daily, gives you the energy you need to take care of your family.
  • A guide to reflecting on the day with gratitude. The quickest way to stop feeling unhappy with your life is to focus on all the things that make it great.
  • Instructions for planning out your day with intention. (Because you don’t need to do all the things—just the most important ones.)
  • A handy one-page worksheet that you can fill out every day to guide you towards making these essential daily practices habitual.
  • There’s even a surprise you can unlock as you work through the exercises! (Because who doesn’t like surprise freebies?)

Stop wasting these precious days of your life feeling guilty, overworked, and overwhelmed. L Put these easy habits in place so that you have the time and energy you need to care for yourself, have fun with your family, and share your sparkle with the world. 

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