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Camp Happy Mama Full Summer Bundle Session 1 (Cultivating Energy) Teaser

Session 1 (Cultivating Energy) Teaser

On a typical day at Camp Happy Mama, you'll get a message brief message from me like this one. You'll be able to access it here in my course platform or as a private podcast you can listen to right in your podcast player of choice.

As you can see, the days will feature thought-provoking journal prompts and activities designed to make your summer more enlightening, restorative, and fun. You'll be guided to set an intention for each day--starting the day the way YOU want to feel rather than responding to someone else's emergency.

Note: Some of the resources that I refer to in the audio message, such as the list of habits in the Habit Module, Habit Tracker, and Workbook only appear as part of the full course.

A summary of the day's activities will appear here in the course platform, and any downloads you might need (such as today's Sleep Tracker Coloring Page) will appear in the Downloads section.

I hope that you enjoyed this little taste of Camp and that you'll join our community for the real thing. I'd love to see you at the campfire!

Click here to sign up for the whole summer.

Click here to sign up for just Session 1: Cultivating Energy.


Lesson Activity

Today's Journal Prompt:

What are your favorite high-energy pieces of music?

Today's Activities:

  • Collect your high-energy songs into a playlist. Do a dance party--with your kiddos or by yourself.
  • Start the 21-day sleep tracker color page (you can grab it from the Downloads section above.)


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Session 1 (Cultivating Energy) Teaser

Want to get a taste of what a typical day at camp during Session 1 might look like? Here you go!

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