Camp Happy Mama Full Summer Bundle

When was the last time you had a truly amazing summer?

I’m willing to bet that you are planning some awesome stuff for your family this summer. Activities for the kids, maybe a family vacation or a trip to visit the in-laws…

But have you planned anything awesome for yourself?

Get ready for Camp Happy Mama: a virtual summer camp running from Memorial to Labor Day designed to make your summer both fun and transformative.

Camp Happy Mama will consist of four 3-week sessions each built around a unique theme and full of activities designed to help you cultivate joy, pick up some great new habits, get to know and love yourself better, and have a lot of fun.

Basically, we'll make sure your summer is AWESOME. 

Let's get more specific. Here are the 4 sessions I'll be hosting:

Session 1: Cultivating Energy (May 30-June 19th)


It's difficult to get excited about accomplishing anything at all when our energy is low. So many of us moms, though, are struggling with sleep deprivation, dehydration, lack of exercise, etc.

In this session, we'll be working through simple techniques designed to increase your energy levels and general "zestiness" (no matter how zapped you might feel right now.)

Session 2: Rediscovering Yourself (June 20th-July 10th)


Raise your hand if you feel like you hardly recognize the old you sometimes. You know the old you--the one who answered to a name besides 'Mom'? 

During this session, we'll work to revisit the person we were before we took on this ultra-important job title through exercises designed to spark creativity, refocus us on our personal goals and dreams, and add more fun to our days.

Session 3: Becoming Your Own Best Friend (July 18th-August 7th)


Do you treat yourself worse than you'd treat your worst enemy? Hold yourself to impossibly high standards? Feel guilty no matter how much you do? Constantly put yourself at the bottom of the list?

In this session, we'll explore techniques for cultivating boundaries and practicing kindness and self-compassion.

Session 4: Being Present for Your Life (August 15th-September 4th)


As the summer winds down, we'll make sure that we are in a calm and present place before we get swept back up in the tidal wave that seems to drag us from back-to-school to New Year's Eve in the blink of an eye.

We'll practice mindfulness techniques that you can easily use (even if you think you're terrible at meditation), and explore avenues for savoring life and slowing down.

Each session includes: 

  • Daily messages from me: These are delivered in private podcast format and include a journal prompt, suggested activity, and a brief meditation. Each audio message is less than ten minutes--giving you a bite-sized bit of personal development goodness that makes it super-simple to practice self-care daily.
  • Habit formation: As each session begins, I'll help you choose a new habit to cultivate that will support your growth
  • Fun exercises galore: I’ll provide you with meditations, affirmations, journal prompts, arts and crafts, games, and challenges designed to help you learn, reflect, and celebrate a little bit every day
  • Community: You’ll be part of a supportive community full of like-minded mamas who are also looking for a fun and transformative summer
  • Weekly Celebrations: At our weekly campfires, we can chat more in-depth about what we’re working on that week, celebrate our progress, share our challenges, and have lots of fun together.

Remember when summer used to feel like the best time of the year? Let’s do that again.

Meet your camp counselor:

I'm Anissa Orsino, author of the blog Mama Goes Beyond and host of The Optimized Mom Podcast. My superpower is helping my fellow moms trade burnout, overwhelm, and exhaustion, for simplicity, efficiency, and joy. 

I am excited to help you create a summer even better than those you spent running around barefoot, riding your bike all over the neighborhood, and belly-flopping on the slip-and-slide.

4 Modules

Session 1 (Cultivating Energy) Teaser

Want to get a taste of what a typical day at camp during Session 1 might look like? Here you go!

Session 2 (Rediscovering Yourself) Teaser

Want to get a taste of what a typical day at camp during Session 2 might look like? Here you go!

Session 3 (Becoming Your Own Best Friend) Teaser

Want to get a taste of what a typical day at camp during Session 3 might look like? Here you go!

Session 4 (Being Present for Your Life) Teaser

Want to get a taste of what a typical day at camp during session 4 might look like? Here you go!

Modules for this product 4
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